Children Crossing

Road Safety Around Schools

There are more than 50 schools in the City of Greater Dandenong. The area has 79 school crossings and almost 95 crossing supervisors.

Up to 30,000 students attend these schools each day. Students walk, ride, catch public transport or get driven to school.

The information below can help minimise the risk of accident or injury around our schools. 

Congestion chaos

Peak times around schools are often congested and chaotic.

People think this creates a safety issue but the opposite is often true. Congestion and chaos cause drivers to be alert and drive at very low speeds. This greatly reduces the chance of a crash.

Supervised school crossings

Council provides supervised school crossings at locations where school children use walking paths to cross. Supervised school crossings protect kids from road-crossing risks as they walk to and from school. 

Supervisors help young children kids judge when it is safe to cross a road. Young kids usually do not have a well-developed sense of danger or 'road sense'.

Council encourages parents to use the school crossings to set an example of good road safety behaviour.

School speed zones

The Victorian Government sets school speed zones in line with the State Speed Zoning Guidelines. The Guidelines improve safety around schools during drop-off and pick-up times.

On most roads, speed zones have either part-time or full-time 40km/h speed limits. On roads with a speed zone of 80km/h or more, a part-time 60km/h speed limit will apply.

Parking restrictions around schools

A range of restrictions may apply depending on the needs of the area around a school.

Parking restrictions around schools:

  • address safety issues
  • reduce congestion
  • ensure traffic keeps flowing.

Restrictions ensure drivers, pedestrians and school crossing supervisors can clearly see each other. They also ensure motorists can make safe decisions when turning at intersections. By following parking restrictions, drivers can reduce their potential for a crash.

Common restrictions include:

  • No Stopping – this means that you must not stop at this location for any reason.
  • 2 Min Parking – this means you can stop for up to 2 minutes to pick up or drop off a child.
  • Disabled Parking – only vehicles displaying a valid disabled parking permit can park in these spaces.
  • No Parking – you can stop for up to two minutes to drop off or pick up a child. You must not leave your vehicle unattended.
  • Bus Zone – this area is for buses only. You cannot stop there at all.

Do not park on nature strips or within 10m of an intersection, even if there are no parking restrictions signposted.

To learn more, visit VicRoads' website for more information on parking and parking requirements.