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Cr Richard Lim - Springvale Central Ward (Council News Article October 2021)

Cr Richard Lim - Springvale Central Ward  (Council News Article October 2021)

Residents, business owners and patrons of Springvale Central can look forward to some exciting changes.

Along with the Springvale Boulevard project, you can look forward to a new community garden, improved parking, outdoor dining experiences and so much more.

Guidelines for the Victoria Avenue Community Garden have now been drafted, meaning works are underway to establish a spectacular green space where residents can gather. This community garden provides a greener future in Springvale for generations to come.

The number 8 car park upgrades have been approved by Council and the funds are allocated in the 2021–22 financial year Budget. The upgrade consists of dedicated up and down ramps, allowing cars to move seamlessly within the parking lot and utilise all 540 parking spaces, greatly easing the traffic challenges throughout Springvale.

Council is also working to establish outdoor dining spaces on footpaths and will provide restaurant owners with the necessary equipment such as shelter, tables and chairs.

Our brand new Springvale Community Hub provides world-class facilities and is a perfect example of Council’s dedication to Springvale Central.

Currently, I am working closely with Council to continue the removal of litter, create additional pedestrian crossings in high-traffic areas and help businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

I encourage all of Melbourne to watch this space, as the future of Springvale Central is a sight that can’t be missed. 

As always, thank you Springvale Central for your support and for continuing to make our suburb great.

If you want to contact me, you can reach me at or phone me on 0435 627 164.