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Council Elections

Failure to Vote at October 2020 Council Elections

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will soon be sending out “Apparent Failure to Vote” notices to those who were required to vote in the October 2020 Council elections but appeared not to. This notice will give you the chance to explain why you did not vote in the Greater Dandenong elections. You can read more about this enforcement process on the VEC’s website.

Note that Council plays no role in this process and cannot help you with any fines incurred through the VEC.

Election Campaign Donations – Greater Dandenong Elections - October 2020

The Local Government Act 2020 requires every candidate in the Council elections to complete and give a campaign donation return to the Chief Executive Officer of the Council within 40 days after election day. The Chief Executive Officer must then provide a summary of each campaign donation return on Council’s internet site. The Greater Dandenong Elections - October 2020 campaign donation returns summary is  provided below.

Greater Dandenong Elections - October 2020 - Campaign Donation Returns Summary 282KB