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Road Register

The Road Management Act 2004 says every council must publish a list of public roads they manage. This is called a 'Road Register'.

The City of Greater Dandenong is the 'coordinating road authority' that manages the municipal roads within the City. VicRoads manages the freeways and arterial roads in Greater Dandenong. 

Council's road register only contains the names of public roads that it cares and maintains. Council does not list the freeways or arterial roads VicRoads manages in the Register.

Information in the Register

The Register lists the name of the public road. Council breaks the individual road down into segments. These segments match Council's asset register. A typical local road might be made up of three or four segments.

Council also classifies public roads. The classification hierarchy of road is as follows:

  • unclassified arterial (urban)
  • unclassified arterial (rural)
  • collector (urban)
  • collector (rural)
  • local (urban)
  • local (rural)
  • lane.

The Register notes the date the road became a public road. Since 1 July 2004, this has been the date a developer constructs the road as part of a subdivision.

If Council removes the 'public road' status of a road, it notes this removal date in the Register. 

Since 1 July 2004, Council has added the reference to any plan or instrument that fixes or varies the boundaries of the public road. The reference is the subdivision's reference plan number that created the road. 

The Register records other areas Council would like to give public road status. For example, this could be a public car park at a reserve. However, Council has not yet identified and added any extra areas to the Register. 

If Council is transferring management of a road to another Council or VicRoads, it includes a reference to this transfer in the Register. It also includes agreements with a neighbouring Council for managing a road boundary between the two council areas.

Inspect the Register

City of Greater Dandenong Road Register - 151KB