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Advertised Planning Applications

Advertising (public notification) of planning applications over the Festive and New Year holiday period 2023/2024

Council is extending the Public Notice period during the Festive and New Year holiday period to ensure that interested parties have adequate time to review application information.

The public notice exclusion period is Monday 18 December 2023 - Tuesday 2 January 2024 (inclusive).

This means that if advertising is in progress during the exclusion period, those days cannot be included in the required 14-day advertising period.

Standard advertising days will recommence from Wednesday 3 January 2024.

About advertising

The City of Greater Dandenong gives access to planning permit application documents for consideration and review. This is a part of the planning process required under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Council will advertise the documents for at least 14 days.

You must not use the documents for any purpose that may breach copyright or privacy laws.

Access the Online Planning Register

If you have trouble accessing or viewing the advertised documents online, you can view them in person at Council's office during business hours. Visit the Planning Service Counter.

You can object to an advertised planning application if you think the granting of the permit will affect you.

Submit your submission/objection to Council in writing or lodge a submission online before this date to ensure that Council can consider it.

Council will not decide on the application before the advertising expiry date.

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Find out how to make a submission / objection to an advertised planning permit application and the steps involved.