Applying for a planning permit

Find out how to apply for a planning permit. Learn what information and documents you need to submit with your application. 

Planning assessment and decision-making are complex tasks. You might need to hire a planning consultant, architect or draftsperson to help you with your planning application.

You can also use the Council’s Planning Pre-application Discussion Service before formally lodging your planning permit application. Fees apply. 

Note: The information on Council’s website is a guide only. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) website provides details about the:

  • planning permit assessment process
  • review processes for users of the Victorian planning system.
Learn what plans you need to include in your planning permit application and what detail they must include.
Find out if you need to address sustainable development requirements as part of your planning permit application.
Find out what you must include with your planning permit application.
Find out if Council can assess your planning application within 10 days under the VicSmart assessment process.
Learn more about when the Minister for Planning is the responsible authority for a planning permit application.