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Environmental Pollution

A City of Greater Dandenong residents' survey in recent years identified air quality as the top environmental improvement issue. There are a number of factors that impact on our air quality, but road vehicles are the biggest polluters of our air. 

What is Council doing?

Vehicle Fleet

The fuel consumption of vehicles is an important part of environmental impact and we are committed to purchasing the most environmentally friendly vehicles possible. Council's Motor Vehicle Code of Practice includes an environmental component which states that the we will 'progressively shift the motor vehicle fleet to cleaner and more environmentally appropriate vehicles'. This shift focuses specifically on the type of fuel used and on fuel economy.

Council has downsized the vehicles in its fleet, and has purchased a number of fuel efficient vehicles and vehicles using alternative fuels to standard unleaded petrol. In the last few years, the number of vehicles using diesel has significantly increased due to their efficiency and longevity compared to other fuel types. This will ultimately result in a reduction in the quantity of fuel used and greenhouse gas emissions generated.

What can the community do?


A major way to reduce your contribution to poor air quality is to keep your car in good working order and minimise car usage whenever possible.

  • Keeping your car regularly tuned and maintained can cut pollution by up to 25 per cent - you'll also save on fuel consumption
  • Drive smoothly and plan your trips - you'll arrive just as quickly and save more on fuel
  • Keep your car's tyres inflated to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Report smoky vehicles. If you see a vehicle blowing smoke for more than ten seconds continuously, call the EPA on (03) 9695 2755 or make an online report.
  • If you are thinking of buying a new car, make it a fuel efficient one. All new passenger cars, off-road vehicles and light commercial vehicles sold in Australia are required to display fuel consumption labels in litres/100 kilometres. Reducing your car's fuel consumption from 12 litres/100 kilometres to 8 litres/100 kilometres would cut fuel costs by one third.

The Green Vehicle Guide website provides a reliable comparative data on fuel consumption on many vehicles dating back to 1986 to help you choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle for your needs.

Alternative forms of transport

There are many ways to travel through the City of Greater Dandenong using sustainable travel options, such as walking, cycling and public transport. By providing better access, encouraging changes in travel behaviour and improving end-of trip facilities for people, we can support the growth of sustainable travel.