Solar panels being installed

Climate and Energy

Climate change is here, and its impacts are already affecting our environment, our society and our economy. While global efforts to tackle climate change are increasing, the science is clear that these efforts are not enough to keep climate change from affecting life on earth in increasingly severe ways. With climate change already impacting our day to day lives, we need stronger action, urgently.

What is Council doing?

While Council is already acting by implementing the 2016 Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy, we all need to do much more if we are to do our fair share to limit global warming to 1.5oC, combat climate change and reduce exposure to the unavoidable impacts of a climate change crisis.

Declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency

Recognising this, Greater Dandenong City Council, in January 2020 joined a growing number of cities around Australia and declared a ‘Climate and Ecological Emergency’ committing us to emergency action on climate change.

Greater Dandenong Climate Change Strategy 2020 - 2030

Council has developed a Climate Change Emergency Strategy and Action Plan 2020-30 to help the City of Greater Dandenong become a resilient, net zero carbon emission city with an active community prepared for the challenges of changing climate.

View the Greater Dandenong Climate Change Emergency Strategy 2020 – 2030  

Supporting Documents

Literature Review and Discussion Paper 1.4MB
Climate Change Action - Gap Analysis Evaluation Report 8.8MB
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Profile and Mitigation Report 2.2MB
Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Analysis Report 3MB


Solar Savers

The City of Greater Dandenong has joined nine other Victorian councils to make solar easy for residents.

The program has expanded to include all householders, from low income earners, single income families, pension card holders, and to home business owners.

The Solar Savers Program is a local government initiative led by Eastern Greenhouse Alliance Action (EAGA) and Northern Greenhouse Alliance Action (NAGA). The program aims to help residents reduce their energy bills and future-proof against increasing energy costs. At the same time reducing household carbon footprint.

Following on from the success of the pilot program – Solar Savers has harnessed the learnings and experience to deliver an easy, affordable, quality and trusted program.

Council's participation in the Solar Savers program concluded in July 2020. For further information on the program please refer to the solar savers website, or for other enquiries regarding the benefits of solar panels, contact council on 8571 1000 or

How does it work?

Solar Savers makes solar simple by doing the planning for participating households. Here’s how it works:

  • They check that solar is right for the household.
  • They arrange for a quote to be sent to you.
  • Should you choose to proceed, you simply approve the quote and sign the agreement.
  • Their installer guides you through the process from the very beginning until after the until is installed and you are happy with your new Solar PV system.

Who can participate?

  • Own your home
  • Have average to high electricity use (contact Solar Savers if you’re unsure)
  • Do not currently have solar panels at their home

Households who use their appliances during the day are more likely to save with solar.

Such as residents who:

  • Work from home
  • Spend days at home with their new family
  • Care for someone in need