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Sustainability and Waste

Council is committed to working with our community towards a zero-waste future.

Communities are becoming more reluctant to accept landfills in their neighbourhoods and are more active in their opposition.

This comes at the same time as massive population growth in the South East of Melbourne is increasing the total waste stream (despite decreasing waste per household). Consequently, landfill costs are rising.

Recognising the future problem of decreasing space for landfill and increasing waste, state legislation is aiming for zero waste. This acknowledges technical advances in recycling technology as well as the industry push towards resource efficiency as a response to community expectations.

Find out more below about how to dispose of waste and how you can help achieve the goal of a zero-waste future. 

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Plastic Use Policy

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Waste and Recycling Services

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Book a Hard Rubbish Collection

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What Happens to my Waste?

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How to Reduce your Waste

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Environmental and Sustainability Themed Events

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Small Acts Big Impact Campaign