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Party Safe

Parties can be a great opportunity for people of all ages to socialise and make new friends. However, parties can sometimes lead to unwanted surprises such as gatecrashers, guests becoming drunk, violence and complaints from neighbours.

In Greater Dandenong, the PartySafe program can help hosts plan and enjoy safer parties that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Registering your party with Victoria Police shows that you are making the effort to be responsible for what happens at your event. PartySafe provides you with useful hints and tips about security issues, alcohol use and young people and your legal responsibilities as the party host.

Register with PartySafe

To register visit the Victoria Police's Party Safe.

Download and fill out the form on the website and take to the police station closest to where your event will be held (Springvale or Dandenong Police Station) at least one week before the party.

By registering with PartySafe, you are providing police with the necessary information to help them respond should they be called to your party.