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Public Health Concerns

The City of Greater Dandenong provides information on public health concerns. These topics cover smoking laws, treating and managing head lice, infectious disease transmission, and gas space heaters that may emit excess carbon dioxide.    





Smoking and Tobacco

There are strict laws currently in place in Victoria regarding the sale of tobacco products and smoking in public buildings. The City of Greater Dandenong and other State Government authorities are responsible for enforcing these laws, actioning any reports and issuing infringements where required.

Information on Smoking and Tobacco Legislation can be found on the Victorian Government tobacco reform website

Smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas

As from 1 August 2017, the Tobacco Amendment Act 2016 legislates that smoking is banned at any outdoor dining areas when food is available for consumption.

This will include:

  • Premises such as restaurants, caf├ęs, take-away shops and licenced premises, including courtyard dining areas and footpath dining
  • Food fairs
  • Other organised outdoor events, including community or street festivals

For more information, visit the smoke-free outdoor dining page.

Sale of tobacco to minors

It is illegal to sell tobacco to minors. Council will investigate all reports of tobacco sales to persons under the age of 18 within the municipality. To report the illegal sale of tobacco, contact Council.

Smoking in the workplace

Smoking is now prohibited in most enclosed workplaces whether or not the people working at the workplace are paid or volunteers. For more information visit the tobacco reforms website.


Head lice

Head lice, also known as nits, are tiny insects that live on the human scalp using blood as their nourishment. They lay eggs in the hair shaft which can often be mistaken as dandruff, however, it cannot be brushed out. The most common symptom of head lice is an itchy head which occurs when the lice bite the scalp.

Head lice is a common childhood complaint as children are often in close contact with each other, allowing the insects to crawl from head to head. However, adults are also vulnerable to head lice.

The City of Greater Dandenong does not offer head lice checks in schools.

Treating head lice involves removing lice and eggs from the hair. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Buying and using a head lice lotion or shampoo, following the instructions on the product
  2. Using the condition and comb method every second day until there have been no live lice found for ten days

For more information on how to treat head lice visit


Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases can be transmitted through unhygienic equipment and practices used during:

  • ear piercing
  • body piercing
  • tattooing
  • beauty treatments
  • hairdressing

If you are concerned that you may have an infectious disease due to above reasons, you should see your local doctor immediately. If necessary, the doctor will contact Council's Environmental Health Unit to investigate.


Vulcan or Pyrox Heritage Gas Space Heaters

The Department of Health and Human Services is urging Victorians with either a Vulcan or Pyrox Heritage gas space heater in their home not to use them until they are tested by a qualified gas fitter.

The use of Vulcan or Pyrox Heritage gas space heaters may produce increased indoor carbon monoxide levels under certain conditions. The combination of inadequate ventilation, as well as operating bathroom exhaust fans or kitchen range hoods at the same time as the heater, can draw carbon monoxide into living areas. The risk is increased if the heater and associated components such as the flue are not regularly serviced.

Who is at risk?

All Victorians using a Vulcan or Pyrox Heritage gas space heater may be at risk of increased indoor carbon monoxide levels under certain conditions.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless gas that may affect your health if breathed in. Symptoms can include tiredness, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, nausea, weakness, confusion or chest pain. Seek medical advice if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. In an emergency call 000.


Consumers are advised not to use Vulcan or Pyrox Heritage space heaters until the units have been tested by a qualified gasfitter.

More information

Better Health Channel: Gas Heating - Health and Safety Issues

Energy Safe Victoria: Program in place to address CO risk in Heritage Gas Heaters

Residents with a Pyrox or Vulcan Heritage gas heater should contact Climate Technologies on 8795 2462.