Liberty Swing

Liberty Swing

The Liberty Swing is a new concept in playground swing equipment. It is for people with disabilities. It lets children and adults in wheelchairs enjoy the fun and recreation of swinging.

To use the swing, you need a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK). Borrow an MLAK from one of the City of Greater Dandenong's customer service centres.

The instructions for how to use the Liberty Swing are posted on a sign at the swing site. Follow these instructions to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

You and other swing users accept that you use the swing at your own risk.

Council and its employees and agents accept no liability for loss or injury occurring on this facility. Only one person is allowed on the swing at any one time.

Ensure you securely lock the ramp after you have finished using it.

For more details on the liberty swing, contact Council.

What is the Liberty Swing?

The Liberty Swing is a playground swing that meets the needs of people with mobility difficulties or who use a wheelchair. Children and adults can enjoy the fun of swinging and feel included in outdoor parks. 

The Liberty Swing has several special features that make it safe and simple to use. It includes:

  • an access ramp
  • a wheel locking mechanism
  • a pop-up seat for people with mobility impairments
  • a safety harness.

The Liberty Swing meets relevant Australian Standards.