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YouMeUs - Achieving Inclusion

The City of Greater Dandenong, along with a number of other councils, are involved in the YouMeUs – Achieving Inclusion project.

This online training promotes an understanding of diversity in the community, challenges public perceptions of stereotypes, highlights the abilities of people with disabilities and support the development of inclusive communities.

It has been developed as an easy and effective way to deliver training to staff and volunteers whose organisations are interested in enhancing inclusive practices and culture.

The YouMeUs training provides an excellent introduction to disability awareness that can be easily incorporated into staff induction and orientation program.


The current suite of tools includes:

  • A course for Leisure and Sports Centres
  • A course for Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres and Men’s Sheds
  • A course for Council Staff
  • Videos and resources for small businesses to improve accessibility


Benefits of YouMeUs

  • Increased staff awareness about people with disability
  • Increased confidence in engaging with people with disability
  • Increased participation by people with disability within the community


Key benefits to online tool: 

  • Cost efficient as it is free
  • Scheduling – training can be undertaken when convenient to staff, it does not require arranging staff schedules for group training
  • Time management – users can log on and off the training and complete over a number of sessions
  • Turn-over – online training is desirable in facilities with large pools of casual, seasonal or part time staff or high staff turnover
  • Online resources