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Festivals Permit

To hold a street party, festival or procession within the City of Greater Dandenong, different permits are required depending on the type of event.

As well as a local law permit for the festival, you may also require permits for road closures, street trading and temporary food businesses. See the Holding an Event in Greater Dandenong section of this website for information on what you have to do to hold an event in the City of Greater Dandenong.

Applying for a local law permit

To apply for a permit to hold a street party, festival or procession complete an application for a local law permit form.

Local Law Permit Form - 104KB

Fees apply and must be paid at time of application.

Street Parties/Festivals/Processions Permit

Name Standard fee Description Bond
Street Parties/Festivals/Processions permit $560

Free to charitable and non-profit community groups

  • Bonds may be required at the discretion of the relevant departments
  • Bonds are fully-refundable provided all requirements have been met and no damage was incurred

Sitting Approval (Temporary Structure) – Class 9b Fees

Name Standard fee Description
Marquee/pre-fab buildings > 100m2 $390

Add $192 per additional structure

Seating stands > 20 persons and stages > 150m2 $390

Add $192 per additional structure

Fireworks Display Permit

To have a fireworks display in a public place permission needs to be obtained from Council. 

Application for Fireworks Display Permission - 85KB

Name Standard fee
Fireworks Display Permit $159.50