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Events on Private Land

COVIDSafe events in 2021

All events in the City of Greater Dandenong must have a COVIDSafe Plan or COVIDSafe checklist approved by the Victorian Government. This is in addition to all the necessary event approvals from other authorities, including Council.

Read more information regarding COVIDSafe requirements

Indoor events on private land

Indoor once-off events held on private land do not normally require any council permits or authority, including: 

  • a small group gathering of friends which have no entry charging fees.
  • an event held at a venue which typically holds functions (eg. restaurants and function centres).

Although you may not need Council permission to hold an indoor event, there are still a few things you must consider when planning an event on private land and these are listed below.

Contact Council’s Town Planning enquires should you require any further information on planning permits for events.

Outdoor events on private land

If you are hosting an outdoor event on private land you may need to arrange permits, depending on the type of event, the location and what it the event will feature.

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Do I need a planning permit?

Depending on the event and where you are holding the event, you may need to apply for a Planning Permit.

Even if the building is a place of assembly (eg. a sport hall) or a place of worship (eg. temple, church or other denominational building), you or the owner may need other types of planning consent from Council to hold your event.

You might also need a permit for any event signage you are considering.

You should be aware that if you require a permit or planning consent from Council and you do not obtain it, you could be liable to fines and further legal action for your unpermitted event.

Contact Council’s helpful trained town planners in the Planning and Design Department for advice before you begin planning your event.


Indoor Event Considerations


Noise is defined as ‘unwanted sound’. What may be pleasurable sound to one person can be noise to another. Over time, noise can cause significant impacts on health and wellbeing, especially when it disturbs sleep.

Music instruments and amplified sound systems (including stereos and microphones) are allowed Monday to Thursday from 7am-10pm, Fridays from 7am-11pm and Saturday, Sunday and public holidaysf from 9am-11pm.

More information on noise laws

Partying safe

In Greater Dandenong, the PartySafe program can help hosts plan and enjoy safer parties that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Registering your party with Victoria Police shows that you are making the effort to be responsible for what happens at your event. PartySafe provides you with useful hints and tips about security issues, alcohol use and young people and your legal responsibilities as the party host.

More information on PartySafe

Public Entertainment Permits

The Building Act 1993 (Part 5, Division 2) requires that an occupancy permit for a place of public entertainment must be in existence where a meeting or entertainment is conducted in a venue over 500m2 in floor area. This requirement applies to all such buildings, regardless of age or existing permits/certificates.

More information on public entertainment permits

Outdoor Event Permits

Street trading and food stalls

If you are planning on selling food at your event a temporary food registration permit may also be required.

Traffic management plans

If you are holding an event that will impact traffic or pedestrian movements, the Road Management Act requires you to gain consent from the coordinating road authority.

More information on traffic management plans

Public entertainment permits

The Building Act 1993 (Part 5, Division 2) requires that an occupancy permit for a place of public entertainment must be in existence on land:

  • which is enclosed or substantially enclosed
  • to which admission can be gained by payment of money or the giving of other consideration, and which is used or intended to be used for the purposes of providing public entertainment.

More information on public entertainment permits