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Roads Closures, Vehicles and Camping on Council Land

Residents can report abandoned vehicles to Council. This is to ensure our community stays safe and free from unsightly abandoned vehicles.

There are strict rules around parking large and heavy vehicles within Greater Dandenong, even on private property. Residents will most likely need a permit. 

You can also apply to hire parking bays temporarily. 

If you are in need of closing a road then you will need to apply for a Occupation of Road Permit. 

Refer to the topics below for more details. 



Abandoned Vehicles

Local residents that suspect a vehicle on Council land and around their streets is abandoned, should follow the following guidelines. Vehicles may include cars, trailers, trucks, motorbikes and caravans. 

What is an Abandoned vehicle? 

The vehicle may be considered abandoned if: 

  • The registration is listed as expired or cancelled on the VicRoads website 
  • The vehicle has no number plates 
  • The vehicles registered but has not been moved in two months. 

Checking vehicle registration 

Residents can check vehicle registrations by visiting the VicRoads website.   

If you have the vehicle registration number from the number plates, this website will show you if the vehicle has been stolen or is unregistered. 

How to report an abandoned vehicle 

Residents can report an abandoned vehicle through one of Council's reporting options

The following information will be required for you to supply: 

  • Location (address) of where the vehicle is located
  • Make, Model and colour of the vehicle 
  • Registration number (if visible on the vehicle) 

A vehicle can also be reported stolen vehicle to Victoria Police 

If the vehicle is reported as stolen on the VicRoads website, please contact Victoria Police on 131 444. 

What happens after you report an abandoned vehicle to Council? 

A council Local Law officer will inspect the vehicle. 

If the vehicle is deemed unregistered/abandoned council will place a yellow sticker on the vehicle. This means Council officer considers the vehicle to be unregistered/abandoned and will re-inspect the vehicle after a period of time.  

If the vehicle has not been moved or Council has not been contacted from the owner of the vehicle within a period of time, the unregistered/abandoned vehicle may be impounded by Council. 

Donate your unwanted vehicle

If you would like to dispose of your vehicle before it is impounded you could get a tax deduction by donating it to a charity that accepts vehicle donations.

Kids Under Cover, a not-for-profit organisation that works to prevent youth homelessness, will collect your vehicle for free and sell it at auction.

Visit Donate Your Car or telephone 1800 801 633.

Occupation of Road Permits

A permit is required to close a road or operate a mobile crane on Council land within the City of Greater Dandenong. Occupation of Road permits are generally only issued for a 24 hour period.

Applying for an Occupation of Road Permit

Apply Here

Fees apply. 

When submitting an application, you must attach proof of a $20 million public liability insurance cover indemnifying Council against any possible claims arising from the activity.

If your works or event impacts vehicular or pedestrian traffic (including closing nature strips) a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will also be required in addition to the permit.  

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) 

In accordance with the Road Management Act, Council charges a fee for assessing Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) and Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGSs) for works on local roads. Applications received will be issued an invoice, which must be paid prior to Council providing consent for the proposed traffic management works.

Permit conditions

  • It can not cause any undue obstruction to pedestrians or traffic
  • Appropriate safety barriers and lighting to be placed around work area so as to ensure safety of pedestrians
  • Any damage or defacing of footpaths, garden beds or nature strips is to be repaired by the permit holder
  • Road closures only: the applicant must notify the relevant service and emergency authorities 7 days prior to the commencement of works, should a full road closure be proposed
  • Mobile cranes only: permit holder must maintain $20 million public liability insurance

Please note: More conditions may apply. 

Camping and Caravans (Temporary Dwellings)

Is a permit required?

Except if staying at a registered caravan park, a permit is required to camp, occupy or otherwise reside in any tent, caravan or temporary dwelling.

A permit is not required if the applicant is the owner/occupier of the land and the period of camping is less than 28 days.

A permit is also not required if the period totals no more than 28 days in any 12 month period and proper sanitary facilities are maintained to the satisfaction of an authorised council officer.

Applying for a local law permit

If a local law permit is required, complete the Local Law Permit Form application below. 

Local Law Permit Form - 104KB

Fees apply and must be paid at time of application. See Local Law Fees above for current permit costs.  Vcamping does not require a permit,

When submitting an application to camp, occupy or otherwise reside on any land owned, managed or controlled by Council (other than a caravan park or camping ground), the applicant must attach proof of a $20 million public liability insurance cover indemnifying Council against any possible claims arising from the activity.