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Heavy and Large Vehicle Parking and Permit Enquires

Heavy and large vehicle parking permits

You need a permit to keep and park any heavy or large vehicle on a residential property.

The City of Greater Dandenong does not generally support people storing or parking large or heavy vehicles in residential areas. This is because these vehicles could damage property, trees, roads and signage while moving through smaller residential streets.

However, in some situations, Council might issue residents with a permit to park a large or heavy vehicle on their property. To get a permit, the owner or driver has to meet and follow certain standards.

Council defines a heavy or large vehicle as one that:

  • is articulated (ie parts of the vehicle are connected by a flexible joint)
  • can seat more than 12 people
  • weighs more than 4.5 tonnes
  • is longer than 7.5 metres.

Permits are valid for 12 months.

Applying for a permit

To apply for a permit to keep and park a heavy or large vehicle on your property:

Apply Here

Fees Apply 

Heavy Vehicles Permit fees

Name Standard fee
Heavy Vehicles Permit $97.00

How Council assesses a permit application?

When deciding whether to issue a permit, Council looks at the impact parking a large or heavy vehicle will have on the neighbourhood. It looks at:

  • how intrusive the heavy vehicle traffic will be
  • excessive noise from heavy vehicles
  • pedestrian and driver safety
  • the chance of the heavy vehicle damaging Council assets and street trees
  • fumes or related smells from the parking of heavy vehicles
  • where the driver will park the vehicle.

When assessing your permit application, Council also considers traffic flow, traffic volume and width of other roads in your area.

Council also considers if:

  • you can see a minimum of 80m without obstruction when driving forward off the property
  • the roadway is wide enough to let you move and turn the the vehicle within a maximum crossing width of 4m
  • a load limit restriction on the road is in place
  • your property is large enough and if the layout will let the vehicle be properly garaged
  • the owner or driver or the vehicle lives at the address where the vehicle is to be kept
  • neighbours raise valid objections — Council will invite neighbours to comment on permit applications
  • there are any other matters relevant to the application.

Conditions for holding a heavy or large vehicle parking permit

You or the driver must park the vehicle on an established driveway or in a rear yard of the property. You cannot park in the front setback of a property.

The vehicle must not be:

  • driven in reverse from the property onto the road
  • carrying a load when brought onto the property
  • started, driven or have its engine running on the property before 6am or after 7pm on any day
  • repaired, washed or maintained on the property or on any adjacent road
  • parked on any road next to your property (or any other road) for more than one hour.

If you or the driver park the vehicle on a road when it is or will be dark, you must switch on its parking lights.

Avoid being a nuisance to neighbours with noise or smell from the vehicle. 

You must keep the property in a clean and tidy condition. Do not keep oil drums, large vehicle parts or similar objects on your property.