Botanical Gardens


The start of our natural environment impacts greatly on almost every aspect of our daily lives. The environment is not just trees and animals – it is the very air we breathe, the water we drink, our weather, the buildings we live in and much more.

Our vision is for the City of Greater Dandenong to be one of the most sustainable cities in Australia by 2030.

We’re working together with our local community to achieve this and create a cleaner, greener Greater Dandenong - today and for generations to come.


The City of Greater Dandenong offers a wide range of free environmental activities and events throughout the year.
Well designed buildings and places are attractive, useable, cost less to operate, promote active lifestyles and minimise their
We are working towards a zero waste future.
Council has declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency and is actively working towards emergency action on climate change.
A survey of Greater Dandenong residents identified air quality as the top environmental improvement issue. Find out what Council
Learn about Council's school's program that teaches kids about wildlife and the environment and encourages kids to get involved
Find out how you can get involved in community environmental groups and programs and learn how you can start making a difference.
It can be easy to forget how precious clean drinking water is and how we all need to work together to manage it well.