Growing our Future

The City of Greater Dandenong is focusing on increasing habitat for a range of special animals in our municipality.

These individual programs have been funded by the grants and by the City of Greater Dandenong:

  • Providing habitat and shelter for the Migrating Swift Parrot
  • Restoring platypus habitat along the Dandenong Creek
  • Connecting creek corridors for the Sugar Gliders
  • Monash Reserve Microbat linkage
  • Trees are cool - urban tree cooling at Corio Reserve
  • Birds and the bees - Pollinators Citizen Science Program
  • Bush food trail and Blue Tongue Lizard awareness
  • Native fish fighting back
  • Birds for wetlands
  • Laughing Kookaburras and lillies of Yarraman Creek

Council is working towards growing for the future of not only these species but all indigenous plants and animals. And along the way we are creating opportunities for our residents to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer. We invite you to explore all our projects and discover all the amazing creatures and their habitats, in your own parks and nature reserves.

Amersham Reserve is a beautiful wooded refuge for  a range of native animals.
Wetlands are the feeding grounds for a range of animals.
Growing bushfood in your backyard provides important habitat for animals and food for you to enjoy.
This project will reduce the threat habitat degradation is having on the impact of the population of sugar gliders.
Hollows in older trees are very important for parrots, possums, Kookaburras and Owls.
This project aims to highlight local reserves within Greater Dandenong that have significant ecological value.
Victoria’s native fish are under threat from introduced fish, habitat destruction and poor water quality.
The Swift Parrot is endangered, with less than 2,000 birds left in the wild.
Platypus were once common in Dandenong Creek.
The Powerful Owl Project aims to increase the habitat of this Owl in Greater Dandenong by providing carved hollows.
This project will revegetate Corio Reserve with water-wise native plants and resting trees for migratory birds.