room full of pokie machines

Gambling Advocacy

Together, we can make a difference

The City of Greater Dandenong is working with more than 60 other councils and community groups across Australia in the Alliance for Gambling Reform.

The group advocates for tougher laws that make poker machines less addictive, and less dangerous.

The group is also advocating for changes in Victorian law. These changes would give communities a real say over poker machines in Dandenong.

Alliance for Gambling Reform

Council became a member of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, joining:

  • other Victorian councils
  • the Salvation Army
  • Brotherhood of St. Laurence
  • Inter-Church Taskforce on Gambling
  • respected gambling reformer, Tim Costello.

The Alliance is a national organisation. Councils, community groups and residents unite to advocate for gambling reform. Thousands of Australians have joined the Alliance, making it a powerful force for change.

Reforms the Alliance seek include:

  • changing the design of pokies to make them less deceptive and addictive
  • stopping the gambling industry from donating to state and federal politicians
  • reducing the dependency of AFL clubs on pokies as a source of revenue
  • stopping sports betting advertising on television during G-rated viewing times
  • $1 maximum bets, coupled with a maximum limit upon pokies losses of $120 per hour
  • a wider role for councils and local communities to decide gambling applications.

What you can do

It is easy to be a part of the solution.

1.  Join the Alliance
The Alliance will inform you and give you simple ways to support the campaign.

2. Get campaign tools
Download posters and flyers to share with your friends, family, community group or workplace. Contact Council on 8571 1000 to get a 'Pokies Play You' bumper sticker.

3. Watch 'Ka-cling: Pokie Nation'
Watch this powerful, informative documentary online.

City of Greater Dandenong's Electronic Gambling Policy

Council's Electronic Gaming Policy informs residents about the effects of gambling. It also advocates for reforms to reduce gambling's impact on the community.

The policy includes:

  • research about the effects of gambling, and monitoring of local trends
  • publicity to raise awareness of the issue and of sources of support
  • advocacy for reforms to regulate gambling
  • principles to guide Council’s responses to applications for gambling venues or machines.