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Temporary and Mobile Food Operators - Itinerant Trading

Food businesses and community groups that wish to operate a temporary or mobile food premises must be registered on the State Government website – Foodtrader

Temporary food stalls are sites where food is sold, prepared or handled that are not permanently fixed. These include stalls and tents at fetes, farmers markets, craft markets, shows, festivals or other short term events. The Principle Premises is where you are based, not where you are going to trade.

Mobile food premises are vehicles such as vans, trailers or carts from which food is sold. Your vehicle needs to comply with the Food Standards Code. Your Principle Premises is the address of the premises where the vehicle is stored when not in use.

For more information visit Foodtrader

Registering a temporary or mobile food business - Itinerant Trading

Once your submission has been received by Foodtrader, Council's Public Health unit will be automatically advised and will assess your application. The officer will advise you if they need more information or if they need you to clarify any information you have provided.

Once we have accepted your application an invoice will be sent out to you. How you answer the questions in Foodtrader will determine your class of registration. More information about the class of registration can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

Mobile food premises must also be inspected by an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) before registration can be granted.

The registration period for all temporary and mobile food businesses is 1 January to 31 December each year.

Once you are registered, you will need to lodge a Statement of Trade for each event you want to attend.

Your temporary or mobile food premises may be inspected by the local council EHO anytime that you are operating, regardless of where and when you are trading. All inspections are recorded on Foodtrader and are visible to each local council. Your previous inspection history may determine how often you are inspected by council EHOs.

Where you can and can’t trade

In the City of Greater Dandenong, a person cannot sell or offer for sale anything in a public place or road related area without a permit. Visit the Trading in Greater Dandenong page for more information. 

You may trade on private land with the authorisation of the land owner, but only for a short period of time (for example, 10-15 minutes while employees or members of the public buy from you).

You may trade at festivals, events and markets if you have the permission of the event organisers (an event fee may apply which is payable to the organisers).

The rules may be different in other council areas. Contact their Local Laws team or visit their website for more information.


Applying for an Itinerant Trading 

If successful of all of the above then you may apply for an Itinerant Trading Permit 

Apply Here