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Register a Personal Care and Body Art Premises or Prescribed Accommodation Premises

Premises registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 requires the following businesses to be registered with Council: 

Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008

Registered Health Business

  • Hairdressers
  • Ear piercing
  • Body piercing
  • Tattooists
  • Beauty treatment
  • Electrolysis
  • Colonic irrigation

Prescribed Accommodation

  • Hotel/Motel
  • Hostel (includes Bed and Breakfast)
  • Student dormitory
  • Holiday camp
  • Residential accommodation
  • Rooming house

Understand your requirements

Before applying for a registration, it is important that you understand the requirements relevant to your business. Contact the Public Health Unit on 8571 1000 or email if you require further assistance.

The following websites are designed to help start and grow your business:

Health Premises

The Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries assists those involved in operating a health premises in understanding the hygiene standards and infection control processes when conducting beauty therapy procedures.

Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines for Hair, Beauty and Tattooing and Skin Penetration Industries

Client information fact sheets (including the mandatory ‘Notice of registration’ posters which should be printed from the website in A4 and displayed in a prominent position at the entry to the business)

Client Information Fact Sheets and Notice of Registration Sheets


Prescribed Accommodation Premises

The Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 aim to prevent overcrowding in prescribed accommodation, ensure reasonable standards of hygiene, sanitation and maintenance, and reduce the risk of spreading communicable diseases.

More information on Council's Building, Health and Town Planning requirements:

Shared Accommodation Fact Sheet - 195KB

Rooming House Operators

In addition to the building and planning requirements, rooming house operators are also required to:


Premises registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act Fees

Please note that the service incorporates the costs associated with plans assessment, onsite progress inspections and final inspections.

Penalties apply for operating a health or accommodation business without registration.

Name Standard fee Description
Plans approval (all except hairdressers) $334
New hairdressers (ongoing registration) $334
New ear piercing $193.50
New tattooists or skin penetration $439
New prescribed accommodation (excluding rooming houses) $439
New rooming house $554
Charity / Not for Profit registered on ACNC website $0

Nil fee

New beauty salons $320

How to register your Business

Follow these steps to register your business:

Step 1 – Do you need a planning or building permit?

All applicants must first contact Council to determine if a planning permit or building permit is required for the proposed business.

For further information please contact:

  • Council’s Planning Department on 8571 1575 or read more information in the Planning section, or
  • Council’s Building Department on 8571 1529 or read for more information in the Building section, or
  • Visit the Planning counter on Level 3, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong

Please note that if you are intending to operate a Prescribed Accommodation business you must have the appropriate Occupancy Permit for the premises, issued by a qualified Building Surveyor. Visit the Shared Accommodation local law section for more information.

Step 2 - Apply for a registration

Complete and lodge the appropriate application form below, together with a copy of the floor plans for the premises, to Council’s Public Health Department:

To be completed for businesses that are primarily personal care/body art shops:

Application for Registration of Registered Premises - 282KB

To be completed for businesses that are primarily hairdressers/barber shops:

Application for Ongoing Registration of Registered Premises (Hairdresser) - 281KB

To be completed for prescribed accommodation:

Application for Registration of Prescribed Accommodation - 145KB

The floor plan must include the layout of the premises, including any fittings and equipment in the premises. By providing detailed floor plans, it will assist Council in processing your application in ensuring that the premises complies with relevant standards and will minimise the risk of having to undertake costly remedial work.

Please note that floor plans for prescribed accommodation must also show the internal room dimensions and the proposed use of each room.

Once you have lodged your application, an Environmental Health Officer may contact you to discuss your application.

You should allow at least 3 weeks for Council to process your application.

Step 3 – Construct and fit out your premises

Construction and fit out of the premises can only commence once you have received a copy of the stamped plans and letter of approval from Council.

During construction, contact the Public Health Unit to organise a progress inspection. This inspection will assess compliance with the requirements of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

Step 4 – Apply for final inspection for Registration

Once the fit out is completed, payment of the invoice for registration must be made to Council before the Public Health Unit can be contacted for a final inspection. Please contact the Public Health Unit at least 5 working days before the final inspection on 8571 1000 or email

The final inspection will assess compliance with the requirements of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 and for Health premises, the Personal Care and Body Art Industries Guidelines.

When booking your final inspection, please ensure:

  • All construction works are finished
  • The premises are clean and ready to commence trade or are ready for occupation and
  • Electrical power, gas and hot water are connected

Once Council is satisfied that the premises complies, permission will be granted to the business to start trading and you will be issued with a Certificate of Registration. The registration period for all Public Health and Wellbeing premises is 1 January to 31 December each year.