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Lodge your Planning Permit Application

You must include all required documents when you submit your planning permit application. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

What you must provide when you apply

Include the following minimum requirements when you submit your application:

  • a completed Application for a Planning Permit form (not required if your application is submitted via the Online Planning Portal)

Application for a Planning Permit Form - 1.8MB

  • a full and current copy of the Certificate of Title no older than 90 days, including the Title Plan, Register Search Statement and all associated title documents known as ‘Instruments’
  • a full copy of any registered restrictive covenant or Section 173 Agreements that may apply to your land (these are included on your Certificate of Title or as an attachment to it)
  • a digital copy of your plans - see the Plans required for your planning application page
  • if it applies to your application, a current Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) certificate. For details about the levy and the threshold for the current financial year, visit the State Revenue Office website
  • a cover letter is optional, however you can include extra details about your proposal in it
  • the application fee

If you do not choose to submit your application via the Online Planning Portal and you wish to pay the application fee by credit card, please submit your application to Council and you will be sent an invoice. You can pay it on

Applications will not be formally lodged and cannot be processed until the full application fee has been paid.

Other information you may need to submit

For some types of planning permit applications, other application requirements may apply. For example, your application may need to address Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD)

For more information about fees and what you need when applying, refer to the Planning forms, fees and information guides page. 

How to submit your application

Submit your application:

Council’s Statutory Planning Department prefers to receive correspondence and documents electronically. This helps improve processing times and reduces paper usage, supporting Council’s vision to be a sustainable city.

Subdivision applications

Subdivision applications can be submitted online via SPEAR (Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals).

SPEAR allows subdivision planning permits, certification applications and other land administration dealings to be compiled, lodged, managed, referred, approved and tracked online. Complete end to end workflows are built into SPEAR allowing applications to be lodged online with Land Use Victoria for registration. SPEAR is available at no cost to all users.

For more information, visit

Privacy notice

Any material you submit with your application will be available for public viewing. This includes plans and personal information. Council may also make copies for interested parties to review.

The information on the Application for a Planning Permit form is required under:

  • Section 47 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987
  • Regulations 15 and 38 of the Planning and Environment Regulations 2005.

What happens next?

Visit the steps in the planning application process section to see what happens after you submit your application.