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Disabled Parking Permits

Who can apply for a disabled parking permit

If you or a family member has a significant permanent or temporary disability that restricts mobility, you might be eligible to apply for a Category 1 Disabled Parking Permit. 

How disabled parking bays help

If you hold a disabled parking permit, you can park in disabled parking bays in Greater Dandenong. The parking bays are bigger to allow safe access in and out of your car. They are located near buildings and shopping centre entrances for easy access and shorter walking distances.

How to apply for a disabled parking permit

Download and print the 'Disabled parking permit form' that applies to you. Organisations can hold more than one permit if Council approves the application.

Disabled parking permit application forms for individuals - 388KB

Disabled parking permit application forms for organisations - 265KB

You can also get applications:

Once you have completed the form, return it via:

Council will assess your application and send you a response within five working days.

Conditions for holding a disabled parking permit

  • You must be a resident of the City of Greater Dandenong.
  • A doctor must complete the application.
  • City of Greater Dandenong only issues Category One permits.
  • You can only have one disabled parking permit.
  • Council can cancel your permit if you break the conditions of use.
  • If your disabled parking permit is temporary, permits are only issued where walking is significantly restricted and complex walking aid is used. The maximum time for temporary permits is 12 months.

Category two green disabled parking permits

The City of Greater Dandenong does not issue green disabled parking permits, but other Councils do.

If you have a green disabled parking permit:

  • you cannot use it in disabled parking bays
  • you still have to pay parking fees, if they apply 
  • you can park for double the time in ordinary parking bays.

Using your disabled parking permit

  • You can use a permit in any vehicle that the holder of the disabled parking permit is travelling in.
  • A non-permit holder must not use the permit unless they are parking the vehicle to allow the permit holder to get in or out.
  • You must clearly display the permit on the front dashboard. Parking enforcement officers must be able to clearly see the permit expiry date and permit number from outside the vehicle.

Disabled parking bays are available in the multideck carparks in Thomas Street and Walker Street. However, they are are 'limited access' parking bays and you must pay a fee to use one.

Updating a disabled parking permit

Let Council know if:

  • your disabled parking permit is lost, damaged or stolen
  • you change your address, phone number or car registration
  • the disabled parking permit holder dies.

Download the relevant form and return the completed form to Council:

Statutory declaration - missing or stolen parking permit - 366KB

Disabled parking permit - change of details form  - 257KB

Disabled parking permit - deceased person form  - 1.9MB