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A-SPEC Specification

City of Greater Dandenong has joined the Australian-wide consortium of users of A-SPEC as a common specification for the supply of digital data relating to ‘As Constructed’ infrastructure assets for all projects and subdivisions within the municipality boundaries.

R-Spec - assets within the road reserve

D-Spec - drainage infrastructure

O-Spec - assets within open spaces

More information about A-Spec Standards

What this means for developers, surveyors, contractors and consultants?

On completion of the project/subdivision, it is a Council requirement, as per the Planning Permit/Contract Specifications that the consultant/developer submit ‘As Constructed’ infrastructure asset information in the ‘A-SPEC’ Digital Data Specification format encompassing the below data via the Open Spatial ACDC online portal prior to being issued a certificate of Practical Completion.  

Follow the process outlined within the ‘Developer-Consultant Submission Process’.

Developer-Consultant Submission Process - 208KB

ACDC Open Spatial Portal – ‘As Constructed’ Design Certification 

City of Greater Dandenong has adopted the use of Open Spatial ACDC for the validation of A-SPEC ‘As Constructed’ documentation using an online portal.

The ACDC Portal is a self-service website used for the validation of ‘As Constructed’ or ‘As Built’ CAD drawings, management of project documentation and the preparation of GIS data from the drawings.​ 

ACDC manages submitted data, validates its quality against organizational and industry A-SPEC standards and transforms it into geospatial and asset management information which is automatically loaded into Council’s GIS and asset management systems. This process has several benefits to both the developer/consultant and Council:

Developer/Consultant benefits:

  • Near-instant drawing validation
  • Sophisticated validation capabilities
  • Self-validation in the cloud
  • Error reporting feedback for easy error checking and correction
  • One-stop shop to submit all of the project As Constructed documentation in CAD and PDF formats 

Council benefits:

  • CAD to GIS converted automatically
  • Workflow and document management
  • Ability to write directly to GIS and asset management system
  • Eliminating errors and streamlining processes
  • Ensuring quality of data entered into GIS and asset management system

For further information visit the AS Constructed website




A-SPEC contains generic information common for all specifications and is to be used as a 'partner' document with all the specifications. 

Download the following brochures for more information about A-SPEC:

The A-SPEC suite of specifications have been created in close consultation with A-SPEC Community members and directly addresses the needs of the Community to develop inventories and future programs.

The A-SPEC Knowledge Sharing Community comprises a growing consortium of 60+ Local Authorities across Australia using the A-SPEC standard specifications. This includes 17 of 31 Growth Area Councils in Australia who have identified A-SPEC as the preferred method of engagement with industry.

Contact details
GISSA International PTY LTD
Ph +61 3 9877 6972



R-Spec outlines the specifications for the delivery of digital data relating to authorities' assets within the Road Reserve.



D-Spec outlines the specifications for the delivery of digital data relating to drainage assets including pipes, pits, property connections and Water Sensitive Urban Design Elements (WSUD).


O-SPEC Open Space Specification

O-Spec outlines the specifications for the delivery of digital data relating to Public Open Space and Recreation assets.

Open Spatial ACDC Online Portal – Getting Started

To get started, create a new account in Open Spatial ACDC portal by following this link and selecting Sign In, New Customer Request.  

This is a once off registration process and there is no cost to the consultant/developer.

When the project/development is underway, that account will be linked with that project/development within the portal allowing for easy access and use.

Once As Constructed drawings are ready for submission, use ACDC AutoCAD A-Spec template provided on the portal. This template is specific to the City of Greater Dandenong. Follow the process outlined in the Developer/Consultant How To Guide.

Developer/Consultant How To Guide - 890KB

Learn more about Open Spatial ACDC portal by watching a video.

About Open Spatial ACDC brochure

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