Sustainable Industry Winner S & G Fresh and Taylor's Orchards with Dandenong Market

Sustainability Awards

The Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards recognise the community's efforts that help make our community and environment a more sustainable place to live work and play.




2021 Award Winners

In January 2020, the City of Greater Dandenong declared a climate emergency, and have since developed their 2020-30 Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan.

For the 2021 awards, Council was seeking submissions in the form of a short video, artwork or invention. 


Thank you to all 85 entrants to our annual Sustainability Awards for 2021. 

We would like to congratulate the below winners of our 2021 Awards.

Greater Dandenong Resident or Student (Tertiary) Category

Winner - Ishan and Het  - 'The Sustainable Playground' 

Runner- Up - Annie Ngo - 'My Biodiverse Playground'


Primary School Student Category

Winner - Murray Congues from St Mary's Primary School - 'The Impact'

Runner- Up - Serena Han from St Mary's Primary School - 'Climate Change - Do Something Today!'


Secondary School Student Category

Winner - Greater Dandenong Youth Services Group April 2021 Holiday Program - 'Climate Change Poetry'

Runner-Up - Giacinta Alexia Arta from John Monash Science School - 'Cows and Windmill'

2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Sustainability Award Winners in the Community and Industry Category. 

Sustainable Community Award Winner Silverton Primary School

Their “Energy Reduction and Climate Change” initiative – empowering student leadership in energy efficiency, climate chance awareness and advocacy.

Sustainable Industry Winner S & G Fresh and Taylor's Orchards with Dandenong Market

Their “Traders supporting OzHarvest” initiative - providing fresh produce to OzHarvest and AMES, avoiding food waste from landfill and feeding the community in need. 


The 2019 Sustainability Awards recognise achievements in the following two categories:

Sustainable Community Category

The sustainable community category encourages entries from the following organisations:

  • Schools – Primary, secondary, kindergartens, early learning centres and tertiary institutes
  • Community groups – registered community groups or organisations
  • Volunteer groups – official or unofficial groups operating in or around Greater Dandenong
  • Clubs or associations – including sporting clubs, alliances, or other groups

The sustainable community category encourages entries from the following individuals:

  • Households - for initiatives related to your home or garden
  • Residents or employees – for making a difference at their home, workplace or community
  • Students  - primary, secondary or tertiary making a difference at their school or community

Sustainable Industry Category

This category recognises efforts by industries that have contributed to environmental sustainability within the City of Greater Dandenong. The sustainable industry category encourages entries from the following sectors:

  • Businesses: Includes commercial, industrial, retail or other enterprises of any size
  • New Development: Includes recently constructed buildings or proposed buildings that hold a valid planning permit. Includes residential or non-residential

The winner of the Sustainable Community Category wins a voucher to the value of $500.  

2019 Award Winners and Finalist Information - 3.2MB

2018 Award Winners

2018 Sustainability Award winners and finalists brochure - 2.3MB

2018 Sustainable Business Award winners - 821KB

Sustainable Community Category

  • Winner: Cornish College
  • Finalist: Noble Park Community Garden Club
  • Finalist: Athol Road Primary School
  • Finalist: Lyndale Greens Primary School
  • Finalist: William Kwan and John Hayman
  • Finalist: Carers of Africa
  • Finalist: Dandenong West Primary School
  • Finalist: Resurrection Primary School

Sustainable Business Category

  • Winner - Fujitsu Australia College
  • Finalist - IKEA Springvale
  • Finalist - Summit Select

Healthy Waterways Video Competition

  • Overall Winner: Amina and Haleema Aamir
  • Finalist: Rameen Khan and Jaslynn InRich Text Area
  • Finalist: Kynan Mu
  • Finalist: Numan Seyit


2017 Award Winners

Sustainable Community Category

  • Winner: Yarraman Oaks Primary School
  • Finalist: Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association
  • Finalist: Athol Road Primary School
  • Finalist: Noble Park Gardening Club
  • Finalist: Keysborough Resurrection - School Community Swap Group

Sustainable Business Category

  • Winner: Waste Converters / Smart Recycling
  • Runner-up: Biofuel Innovations
  • Sustainable Development Category
  • Winner: The Quarter, Springvale
  • Runner-up: Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

Healthy Waterways Video Competition

  • Overall Winner: ‘Pantalones’ by Jeannie Psomoulis
  • People’s Choice Award: ‘Protecting Our Dandenong Waterways’ by Bethany Pik and Luka Stakic


2016 Award Winners

Sustainable Home and Garden Category

  • Winner: Eddie Botha
  • Finalist: Gaye Guest
  • Finalist: Kath O'Brien
  • Sustainable School Category
  • Winner: Wooranna Park Primary School
  • Finalist: Noble Park Primary School
  • Finalist: Emerson School

Sustainable Student Category

  • Winners: Sa Up, Yuhao Chen, Emily Stephens, Sonja Iovan

Sustainable Business Category

  • Winner: Hilton Manufacturing
  • Finalist: Wallara Australia
  • Finalist: International Chemicals Engineering
  • Finalist: Lexington Gardens Retirement Village

Sustainable Development Category

  • Winner: Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - The Clarence Reardon Centre.
  • Finalist: Central Dandenong Tax Office- (EPC Pacific)
  • Finalist: Tyres for u warehouse - The Key Spec-1 (Frasers Property)
  • Finalist: Astral Pool Distribution Centre - (Frasers Property)


2015 Award Winners

Sustainable Home and Garden Category

  • Winner: Robert Spence – Our Ecological Effort
  • Finalist: Karen Buckley - Our Sustainable Home and Garden
  • Finalist: Heng Tov - My Aquaponic Food Garden
  • Finalist: Vivien Dews - My Sustainable Backyard
  • Finalist: Amanda McCracken - Our Sustainable Home 

Sustainable School Category

  • Winner: Athol Road Primary School – School Wetland Project
  • Finalist: Dandenong High School
  • Finalist: Harrisfield Primary School 
  • Finalist: Keysborough Community Children’s Centre
  • Finalist: Silverton Primary School

Sustainable Student Category

  • Winner: Andreea Iuga and Manisha Shanmuggan