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Family Violence Initiatives

Greater Dandenong Walk Against Family Violence

Each year, the City of Greater Dandenong hosts a community 'Walk Against Family Violence' to honour White Ribbon Day.

Stay tuned for details about the upcoming Walk Against Family Violence.


Greater Dandenong Internal Family Violence Committee

In 2013, Council established the Greater Dandenong Internal Family Violence Committee. The committee develops and guides initiatives to prevent violence against women. They do this is both within Council and the wider community. The objectives of the committee include:

  • raising awareness within Council of the causes, nature of, and response to, family violence
  • fostering a workplace culture of equity, fairness and respect that does not tolerate violence
  • supporting community efforts to increase awareness of family violence and prevention
  • leading activities to commemorate White Ribbon Day
  • encouraging community involvement in preventing family violence.

Challenge Family Violence Project

Council partnered with the following organisations and started work on the Challenge Family Violence Project:

  • City of Casey
  • Shire of Cardinia
  • Monash Health.

The Department of Justice funded the project. The project addresses the needs of women experiencing family violence.

The project will include community-strengthening activities. It will recruit community leaders to address the underlying causes of family violence. It will look at issues in our society, such as:

  • gender stereotypes
  • unequal power relationships between men and women.

Council has worked with faith leaders to develop a resource kit. The kit helps faith communities to respond to and prevent family violence within their own settings. 

South East Metropolitan Sub Regional Accord to Prevent Men's Violence against Women

Men’s involvement in the movement to end violence against women is essential to achieving lasting social change.

The South East Metropolitan Sub Regional Accord to Prevent Men's Violence Against Women is part of the CHALLENGE Family Violence Project.

Business, government, education, sport, faith and cultural groups take part in and present this accord to the community. It is a statement of intent and a commitment to work together to prevent gendered violence. The accord embodies a commitment by signatories to work together to prevent gendered violence.

Faith and community leaders involved in the project have signed the Accord. They have pledged their commitment to preventing men’s violence against women.

Review more details on the Accord and make your pledge.


2019 Walk Against Family Violence

Council held the 2019 Walk against Family Violence in November. Listen to the heartbreaking story of guest speaker Susan Berg, a survivor of domestic violence.

2018 Walk Against Family Violence

Council held the 2018 Walk against Family Violence on Tuesday 20 November. It featured guest speaker Jen Harwood, successful business coach, motivational speaker and domestic violence survivor.

2017 Walk Against Family Violence

Around 1000 people attended Dandenong's 'Walk Against Family Violence' on Wednesday 22 November. It featured speeches from football legend Kevin Sheedy, and Rebecca, a former victim of family violence.

2016 Walk Against Family Violence

Council held the 2016 Walk Against Family Violence on Tuesday 22 November. Those who joined heard a speech and songs from popular entertainer, Colleen Hewett.

Colleen Hewett performs at Dandenong's Walk Against Family Violence

2015 Walk Against Family Violence

Around 700 people attended Dandenong’s ‘Walk against Family Violence’ to commemorate White Ribbon Day on Tuesday 24 November 2015. 

2014 Walk Against Family Violence

Around 700 people attended Dandenong’s ‘Walk against Family Violence’ on Friday 28 November 2014, to commemorate White Ribbon Day.

Walkers heard from the former Police Chief Commissioner, Christine Nixon. She spoke about the impact of family violence upon individuals, families and the community. She also talked about how we can help prevent these crimes.

2013 Walk Against Family Violence

In 2013, more than 500 people walked from the Dandenong Market to the Drum Theatre. They heard from 

  • anti-violence campaigner Phil Cleary
  • Magistrate Leslie Fleming
  • Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius
  • Greater Dandenong Mayor, Jim Memeti.
Men’s involvement in ending violence against women is integral to the achievement of lasting social change.