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Planning Pre-Application Discussion Service

Use the planning pre-application discussion service to talk with Planning Officers, with the assistance of officers from other Council departments as required. You can use this service to:

  • discuss your proposal
  • identify key areas of concern
  • understand the planning permit application process

Fees apply for this service.

After the meeting, Council will give you written feedback. This will give you a chance to revise your planning application before you formally lodge it.

If you request a second or subsequent pre-application meeting to discuss changes to your proposal, further fees will apply.

While Council cannot guarantee the outcome of an application, your application is more likely to succeed if you:

  • prepare it well
  • address and respond to relevant issues raised at the pre-application stage.

What you must provide when you apply

  • a completed Planning Pre-Application Discussion Service Request Form (not required if your application is submitted via the Online Planning Portal)

Planning Pre-Application Discussion Service Request Form - 223KB

  • all required supporting information for your proposal category (check the Pre-application Proposal Categories and Supporting Information Requirements sections below)
  • the application fee

If you do not choose to submit your application via the Online Planning Portal and you wish to pay the application fee by credit card, please submit your application to Council and you will be sent an invoice. You can pay it on

Applications will not be formally lodged and cannot be processed until the full application fee has been paid.

Pre-application proposal categories


  • Residential - 10 or less dwellings 
  • Non-Residential - 250sqm to 2,000sqm
  • Buildings and works less than $100,000
  • Minor use applications, eg. office, medical centre
  • Reduction in car parking between 1-10 spaces
  • Removal of native vegetation


  • Residential - between 11 and 99 dwellings
  • Non-Residential – 2,000sqm to 10,000sqm
  • Major buildings and works
  • Reduction in car parking of 11 or more spaces and/or loss of existing on-street parking
  • Major uses, eg. place of assembly, brothel, liquor licence, materials recycling
  • Significant loss of native vegetation
  • Planning Scheme matters

Regional / City Significance

  • Residential - 100 or more dwellings
  • Non-Residential - greater than 10,000sqm
  • Significant Planning Scheme matters, eg. major rezoning, development plan

Supporting information requirements

For all proposed buildings and works applications

  • Site plan
  • Detailed drawings, including dimensioned floor plans, elevations and sections as necessary (for Average category proposals, drawings do not need to be fully completed and resolved, but must provide details of what is being proposed)
  • Photographs of the site and surroundings

For all proposed use applications

  • Site plan
  • Details of the current use and the proposed future use; eg. the nature of the business, operating hours, number of employees, the type of vehicles that will come to the site and the number of vehicles per day / per hour

Additional requirements for Complex and Regional / City Significance proposals

  • Transport and Traffic details including parking capacity and demand, vehicle trips, etc.
  • Civil Engineering details
  • Proposed Site and Environmental Management Plan scope (if applicable)

Submit your request

You can submit your request:

Council’s Statutory Planning Department prefers to receive correspondence and documents electronically. This helps improve processing times and reduces paper usage, supporting Council’s vision to be a sustainable city.

What happens next?

Once Council receives your valid request and payment, you will be offered the next available meeting date. You will also find out the name of the Planning Officer who will lead your pre-application meeting.

All pre-application meetings are held during Council business hours. Meetings may be held online via MS Teams, or in person at the Greater Dandenong Civic Centre.

Important note and disclaimer

Council will hold all information and correspondence you submit that relates to a pre-application proposal in its Records Document Management System. This includes:

  • plans, drawings, photos, emails, etc.
  • meeting notes and written feedback.

Any advice Council provides at the pre-application meeting is preliminary advice only. Council will attempt to provide clear and concise advice based on the:

This advice may be impacted by:

  • changes to the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme
  • the design
  • further information received
  • referral advice
  • site inspection
  • the public notice process
  • any other change of situation

Fees for Planning Pre-Application discussion service

Name Standard fee
Average Category Proposal - Initial Meeting and Written Document $305
Average Category Proposal - Each Additional Meeting and/or Written Document $132
Complex Category Proposal - Initial Meeting and Written Document $421
Complex Category Proposal - Each Additional Meeting and/or Written Document $243
Regional / City Significant Category Proposal - Initial Meeting and Written Document $1,000
Regional / City Significant Category Proposal – Each Additional Meeting and/or Written Document $600