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Do I need a planning permit?

It can be confusing to know which permits you need if you plan to:

  • renovate
  • extend
  • subdivide
  • do other works on your property.

You might also need a planning permit for the type of use or 'activities' that you want to carry out on the land.

The rules and requirements vary depending on where your land is located and what you want to do.

Check with Council:

  • before starting any building works
  • if you want to use the land in a different way. 

It is your responsibility to find out if you need a permit.

When you might need a planning permit

You may need a planning permit for your property for activities such as:

  • making changes to an existing dwelling (house) or building
  • constructing one or more dwellings (houses) or buildings
  • developing land for commercial or industrial purposes
  • subdividing land
  • creating, varying or removing an easement or restriction
  • removing vegetation (trees or other plants)
  • installing a satellite dish.

You may also need a planning permit for how you want to use the land, such as operating a different kind of business which might impact the demand for car parking.

For your business, you may need a permit if you want to:

  • reduce or have car parking requirements waived
  • display an advertising or business name sign
  • run a business from home
  • sell or allow people to drink alcohol at a premises (liquor licence).

You might need a planning permit if you plan to do a combination of any of the above activities.

Other permits you might need

As well as a planning permit, you might also need approvals or permits from other Council departments, including:

Your construction work may affect Council assets such as:

  • the road reserve
  • footpaths
  • nature strips
  • kerbs.

You will need a permit to undertake works in these areas.

The best way of finding out what permits you need is to:

  • consult an architect, draftsperson, town planner or building surveyor with local knowledge
  • contact Council