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Minor changes to endorsed plans

A 'Secondary Consent' amendment can often be the most suitable way of assessing minor changes required to previously endorsed (approved) plans.

The planning permit must contain a condition worded "The development as shown on the endorsed plans must not be altered without the written consent of the Responsible Authority" or similar. This is known as ‘Secondary Consent’.

Secondary consent requests are only for minor changes to endorsed plans. You cannot apply to change permit conditions or what the permit allows under secondary consent provisions.

Amendments to permit conditions or major changes to endorsed plans must be applied for under Section 72 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. See the Amend an existing planning permit section.

What you must provide when you apply

  • a completed Application for Consent to Amend Plans - Secondary Consent form if submitting via email, post or in person (Note: this form is not required if your application is submitted via the Online Planning Portal)

Application for Consent to Amend Plans (Secondary Consent) Form – 213KB

  • a digital copy of your amended plans. The plans submitted must be identical to those previously endorsed under the planning permit except for the proposed amendments which must be clearly highlighted
  • a statement or covering letter detailing the reasons for the amendments and a list of the proposed changes to the plans.

You must also pay the application fee when you submit your application. Applications will not be formally lodged and cannot be processed until the full application fee has been paid.

If you do not choose to submit your application via the Online Planning Portal and you wish to pay the application fee by credit card, please submit your application to Council and you will be sent an invoice. You can pay it online via

For more information about fees, visit the Planning forms, fees and information guides page.

How to submit your application

  • electronically via the Online Planning Portal
    • go to the Planning Register menu and select the Application Search option. Search your application reference number, then select the Secondary Consent option from the Available Actions for Planning Permit Applicant section
  • by email to
  • by post to Planning Department, City of Greater Dandenong, PO Box 200, Dandenong VIC 3175
  • in person at the Planning Service Counter at the Greater Dandenong Civic Centre, Level 3, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong.

Council’s Statutory Planning Department prefers to receive correspondence and documents electronically. This helps improve processing times and reduces paper usage, supporting Council’s vision to be a sustainable city. 

What happens next?

A planning officer will assess your application and contact you.

Fees for minor changes to endorsed plans

Name Standard fee Description
Application for Secondary Consent to Amend Plans $458.00

Application under ‘Secondary Consent’ provisions to propose minor changes to plans which are endorsed to an existing planning permit.