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Getting planning information about your property

There is a range of documents available that provide information about your land. You might need these documents when you apply for a planning permit

Certificate of Title for the land

Every application for a planning permit needs the Certificate of Title for each parcel of land included in the application. 

Visit the Certificate of Title section for more details.

Planning Property Report

A Planning Property Report provides information about the zone and overlay provisions that apply to the selected land. Zones and overlays inform how you can use and develop land.

You can get a free Planning Property Report from the Land Victoria website. However, these statements do not have the same legal status as a Planning Certificate.

To view planning zones, overlay and heritage information in an interactive format, visit the Department of Transport and Planning VicPlan website

For information about the State, local, particular and general provisions of the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme that may affect the use of this land:

Planning Certificates

Planning certificates are official statements of the planning controls that apply to a property. They are mainly used to satisfy the requirements of the Sale of Land Act 1962. This Act requires the vendor of a property to provide details of:

  • land zoning
  • any overlay controls or exhibited proposed amendments to the planning scheme.

Planning certificates are issued by the Department of Transport and Planning. You can get one online from the LANDATA website. Fees apply.

Planning certificates do not show the locations of zone boundaries and any extra site-specific controls. So, it is important to check the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme for information on planning provisions and controls. Do this by visiting the Planning Schemes section of the Department of Transport and Planning website