The Books, with people walking past them

The Books

Artist: Geoff Hogg 
Completed: 2000

Books have literally moved from the school into the street with this public art work! Comprising twelve larger than life concrete sculptures shaped like books, the aptly titled 'The Books' can be found scattered and piled in front of Springvale Rise Primary School.

The giant concrete books, with their collective weight of over 12 tonnes, are certainly an impressive sight to behold. While they were created to improve the streetscape of the Springvale Shopping Centre precinct, 'The Books' also act as seats and a resting area for parents waiting to pick up their children from school and weary shoppers.

Designed by artist Geoff Hogg, and created by SITE RMIT Public Art. Cameron Robbins worked as part of the artistic team and coordinated the casting process.

The artwork was inspired by the collection of historical books housed in the primary school's collection. The concrete books are designed to age with time, much like the natural aging of real historical books.

Young children from years 5 and 6 were given the opportunity to be involved in the public artwork. They attended excursions and witnessed the concrete casting of The Books at RMIT where they also learned about the design and production of public art. The students watched the delivery of the concrete books to the Springvale Primary School and saw the work being installed. 

  • The Books in situ
    The Books in situ

Springvale Road Strip Centre, outside Springvale Primary School, Springvale Road, Springvale

Springvale Road 286, 3171 Springvale AU, Australia