Lonsdale Street

Water Kite

Artist: Zabelski Han Pty Ltd
Completed: 2002

In 2002 the City of Greater Dandenong commissioned Zabelski Han Pty Ltd to undertake a public art project in Tirhatuan Park, Dandenong North. Zabelski Han are an accomplished design and fabrication company who have completed a number of diverse and innovative art works across metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria. Big Fish Ptd Ltd employed the expertise of Mal Padgett to develop and edit the movie component of this project.

The project included a public meeting with local residents and students of Rosewood Primary School. The student were asked about the park - what happened there? Who used it? What sort of images would they like to see in the landscape?

They talked about doing things at the park: being there with their family, fishing in the creek, playing ball, feeding ducks, running around, riding bikes, and flying kites.

The artists created a sculpture to help everyone remember all of that activity; but a sculpture that was peaceful enough to harmonise with the natural beauty of the park.

It was inspired by conversations between the artists and local residents and primary school students, to capture the unique qualities of the park’s history, culture, and activities.

The work represents activities shared in Tirhatuan Park including family, fishing in the creek, playing ball, riding bikes and flying kites.

The sculpture is located within the lake precinct and offers a visible and colourful contribution to the park environment.


Tirhatuan Park, Dandenong North

Kriegel Way 4, 3175 Dandenong North AU, Australia