Lonsdale Street

Water Pool - Mons Parade Underpass

Artist: Patti Wong and Urban Initiatives P/L 
Completed: 2009

In 2008, the Victorian Government awarded a $20,000 grant to the City of Greater Dandenong for a mural to revitalise the pedestrian underpass at Mons Parade in Noble Park. Connex also provided a further $7,000 for the development of an artistic fencing treatment that would greatly enhance the entrances of the pedestrian underpass.

Artist Anu Patel creates a canopy of colour and light where you can expect to discover something new with each visit. The Mons Parade underpass has been transformed into a user friendly, colour and safe environment for local secondary school students and residents.

Anu Patel is an internationally recognised public artist and designer of the artwork at the Mons Parade Underpass. Ms Patel offers an artistic treatment that provides a safer, more accessible and pedestrian friendly environment to this public space.

The Design developed two designs for the Mons Parade Pedestrian Underpass, and Noble Park residents, local traders, secondary college and Primary School Students were invited to vote for their preferred design.

Water Pool was the winning design, with 67 per cent of votes received choosing this design.

The central element of the design is a pathway, which symbolizes lines of communication, movement and transition. The pathway transforms into a river representing underground streams and pools of water.

The organic nature of the design suggests growth, movement and a journey. The curvilinear style is inspired by elements of a design and pattern found within the natural landscape.

Water Pool provides a bright, colourful option for the underpass that plays an important role in enhancing visibility. The use of colourful laser cut coloured steel elements at the entrances to the underpass enhances the sight lines and the amenity of the area.


Mons Parade Pedestrian Underpass, Noble Park

Ian Street 1, 3174 Noble Park AU, Australia