Vessels of Light

Vessels of Light

Date completed: 2007
Location: Walker Street Car Park (facade), Crump Lane, Boyd Lane, Ewart Lane, Dandenong

The Project

In 2006 Council engaged landscape architects and artists Sinatra Murphy Pty Ltd to create a series of pedestrian focused art markers at various locations starting at the Drum Theatre take inspiration from the local Dandenong area.

Seven Vessels of Light are located at four different locations across Central Dandenong.  The locations vary from council owned properties to privately owned buildings, and aim to create a surprising experience and provide visual cues as pedestrians navigate their way to and from the Drum Theatre along key walking routes in Central Dandenong. 

Mounted high above reach so as to draw people’s attention upwards, each vessel incorporates a dynamic lighting element that allows the vessels to be animated after dark, creating a unique night time experience and contributes to a 24 hour experience of the city.

The Artist

Sinatra Murphy are accomplished landscape architects and artists with proven experience in developing public art projects in both urban and rural settings. They have completed a number of diverse and innovative art works across metropolitan Melbourne.

The Design

The Vessels of Light are inspired by the idea of trade and exotic cultural containers, like Turkish perfume bottles and Vietnamese candle boxes.

They brilliantly display colours from the national flags of countries represented through Dandenong’s waves of migration, mixed and blended to reinforce the interesting nature of the vessel form. 

Their content is Light – the medium used to bring the vessels to life by using materials and construction methods that respond to ambient conditions for a numinescence or inner-glow, visually engaging pedestrians during the day and night.

The Awards

November 2007

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Victoria Commendation Award, for Excellence in Design

September 2008

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) National Projects Award - Special Jury Citation in Cultural Relevance in Landscape Art

  • Vessels of Light
    Vessels of Light
  • Vessels of Light
    Vessels of Light
  • Vessels of Light
    Vessels of Light


Walker Street multi-deck car park