Lonsdale Street

River Flow Mural

Artist: Anu Patel
Completed: 2008

River Flow provides a bright colourful transformation of the Noble Park Station pedestrian underpass created by internationally recognised public artist and designer Anu Patel.

The organic nature of ‘River Flow’ suggests growth, blossoming and celebration. The curvilinear style is inspired by elements of design and pattern found within world textiles.

The central form reflects a river, nurturing and connecting communities. Smaller shoots and buds suggest new communities setting roots. Small leaf forms which are reminiscent of emu footprints symbolically represent all those who have inhabited the land. The pastel colours reflect organic plant forms and are intended to be light and uplifting and their gentleness suggesting fresh air and fragrance.

Light is amplified through the use of reflective stainless steel mandalas and to improve sight lines at the underpass entrance.  When entering the underpass, the space is filled with reflective light for improved visibility, safety and cleanliness.


Noble Park Railway Station Pedestrian Underpass, Douglas Street, Noble Park