Lonsdale Street

Speed Cheek – Oakwood Park

Artist: Clare McCracken
Completed: July 2008

Council engaged Clare McCracken, who has experience in developing public art projects in diverse settings; to create two interactive, environmentally sustainable sculptures.

The sculptures are inspired by Jeffery Smart's surreal urban landscapes and inspired by the backdrop of the Eastlink motorway; designed for bike riders and pedestrians to measure their kilometres per hour.

Using sophisticated motorway technology Speed Cheek are two speed checking devices placed beside the shared user path that runs through the heart of Oakwood Park measuring the speeds of bike riders and pedestrians going both from east to west and west to east. 

Speeds are displayed on two solar powered LCD screens which hover above the path so that park users can see the pace at which they are moving.  The sculptures will provide a free interactive experience for local and visiting schools, recreational groups, cyclists and residents.


Oakwood Park Eastlink Corridor, Oakwood Park, Noble Park